The Ditch watershed.

I have not yet been able to find a map that shows the name of “ditch creek”, but you can see it on the 1967 USGS topo map, below. I have outlined the watershed boundary in red. The ditch watershed’s highest point is at about 5810 feet, on the slope of Peavine Peak. Maybe tomorrow I will hike up to this.

USGS map of the Ditch watershed: 1967
USGS map of the Ditch watershed: 1967

The water that flows through ditch creek comes from two tributary streams, which come to a confluence somewhere on the ditch property. This map was drawn before McCarran Boulevard was constructed, making it difficult to determine which side of the highway the confluence is on.

From this map you can see that water from Keystone Canyon would only flow into Ditch Creek during a flood, if the water were to overtop the collection basin at the upper end of the ditch property and go down a concrete spillway.

Likeable thing #3: Upstream, there are mini-mountains to explore!