Selected samples of my work are below. To get in touch about a potential project, please contact me at kelseymccutcheon@gmail.com.

Recent Articles

A Lean Glean: Reno Gleaning Project encounters a fruit shortage.
Reno News & Review, 17 Sept. 2015.

Mapping the Drought: A surprising mix of art and science.
Water Deeply, 10 Sept, 2015.

Burning Shrimp: Radically self-reliant Branchiopods stand up to all but vehicle tires.
Reno News & Review, 9 Sept. 2015.

Eyes Down: Local divers monitor Lake Tahoe’s water quality.
Reno News & Review Green, 03 Sept., 2015.

Cover Story in Reno News & Review, July 30: Give 'Em The Bird
Give ‘Em The Bird. Reno News & Review, 30 July 2015.

Give ‘Em The Bird: Scientists take a look inside your neighborhood hawk nests.
Reno News & Review, Cover story. 30 July 2015.

 Citizen Science Project & Blog

Truckee River Guide: An interactive field guide and citizen science project.
Truckee River Guide is an interactive field guide to Truckee River plants and wildlife, and a citizen science wildlife mapping project. Read about Truckee River wildlife news, people, projects and places to explore on my weekly blog.  Truckee River Guide launched in January of 2015 as my Master’s project for the journalism program at the University of Nevada, Reno.


Promised Water: Multimedia Project, Fall 2013

Promised Water: How and for whom the Truckee River Flows. A multimedia project completed for a graduate journalism class, Fall 2013.


Beneficial by Design from Kelsey McCutcheon on Vimeo.

This video accompanied an article that I wrote on Peter Axelson of Beneficial Designs for a Magazine Journalism class at UNR.